How Dark Can My Window Film Be In Illinois?

The darkness of your window tint is measured by a formula called Visual Light Transmission Percentage or (VLT%). This simply means the amount of visible light allowed through your window after window film is applied to your glass. See the illustration below for the legal VLT% in Illinois.

Illinois Window Tint Law for Cars

Illinois Window Tint Law for SUV's & Trucks

Illinois recently passed bill HB3325 which now allows citizens of Illinois to install window film that is within the legal limits. For many years, this luxury was only made available to those with medical conditions that prohibit them from being in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. In 2009 the law changed to work in favor of all Illinois drivers.

Disclaimer: * State law stipulates the installation of window tint. Although the HB3325 Bill went into effect in 2009, some municipalities may still issue you a ticket for window film including the city of Chicago. We are not responsible for any tickets issued for window film on your vehicle nor are we providing you with legal advice regarding the installation of window film. To further research Illinois tint laws check out some of the helpful links below.

Useful Links Regarding Illinois Window Tint Laws

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